how to keep acrylic paint wet overnight

So, in review, I am able to keep my acrylic paints nice and wet and workable WITHOUT A MESSY STINKY STAY WET PALETTE. Tip: If you have to ship an acrylic painting in the winter, it is worth the investment to ensure it is transported via a temperature-controlled truck. It does this by adding a layer of water under the paint. Acrylic Paints by: Anonymous Another way of keeping your paint moist. How to keep your acrylic paint wet. Masterson makes a range of Sta-Wet palettes that have a special sponge in them—the sponge keeps the palette paper wet, thereby keeping the paint workable. So for all those of you who like acrylics for one reason or another but can't stand your pal… I paint in oils and acrylics. You don’t want to allow the palette to sit for extended periods without cleaning it or else mold can develop inside. I waste very little paint now, because even if I can't work a leftover color into anything, I can always just glob it on as a textured base layer to color over later. When I pack up I place a wet paper towel over the top and wrap it in glad-wrap or a plastic lunch bag. A stay wet pallet is designed to keep your acrylic paints moist. Simply lift up a corner of the sponge and pour a small amount in the bottom of the palette. I have the large Rowney stay wet … The paints do dry out around the edges, where a little air gets in, but keeping mixed acrylic paint at a workable consistency for weeks on end is something I find really amazing. I place my paint in an ice cube tray as a palette. Acrylic paints dry quickly, which is a problem if you squeeze them out onto a conventional oils-type palette. I use a watercolor palette for acrylics with a sealable lid but the acrylic paint still dries to some extent overnight. Paint Retarder (A.K.A. 1. I put my oil palette in the freezer overnight to stop the oil paint from drying out overnight. You can get stay wet pallets from Amazon or art stores online and offline. 2. How to Keep Your Acrylic Paints Wet: I would paint with oils if I could find the materials I want, but I can't so I'm left to make due with acrylic paints and we all know how fast they can dry. So you have a tray, reservoir paper, the water, then a membrane where you place your paints. This is one reason why I finally, at long last, fell in love with acrylics and made watermedia my home base. A wet palette will keep your acrylic paints wet for a week or two. This can keep paint wet as long as you wish. Masterson Sta-Wet Palette - but keep reading for why I don't use the palette paper and what really keeps the acrylic paint wet. After you use it for a few days, the sponge may begin to dry out. Should you need to ship a rolled acrylic painting, allow it to reach room temperature before rolling it to prevent cracking (and advise the recipient of the same before unrolling). There are a number of homemade alternatives to the above product, but they all follow the same idea of keeping the palette surface wet. Commercial acrylic palettes that keep the paints moist are expensive but you can quickly, and at almost no cost, make your own with a few household items. Retarding Medium, Slow-Dri Fluid….or for those of you who prefer a more politically correct title, using this substance simply causes your paint to become “Pigmentally Challenged” ): Retarding medium is a substance you can add to your acrylic paint that will extend the drying time by about a few hours or so.

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