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SLv1 MP42 Quest [!] SLv1 MP60 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] A certain period of time, ASPD is increased, critical hit rate and decreases. Toggle navigation Iruna EN Skill Quests are different quests in Iruna Online that grant the player different skills and abilities. SLv1 MP12 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] The quests vary for each class, and certain requirements need to be met before you can begin the quests. (Lv220) (6 seconds special state) clear SLv2 MP75 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] I increase the hit rate and attack power of bow. - App. Paladin. Perimeter attack as an axis own character, a simultaneous attack possible skill enemies in the area within a certain (up to 3 body). (Lv220) (6-minute time effect DEX + 25 Critical Damage + 25%) clear, to obtain the knowledge and skills in order to survive. SLv1 MP48 [eyes see through the darkness] Quest (Lv160) (3 minute time effect) clear SLv2 MP72 technique II of night eye (LV200) (4 minutes time effect) use, Technique to fire an arrow to the target. © 2023 by My site name. A place to view old competitions we have held. SLv1 Sniper [ultimate] Quest (Lv280) clear, The sharpening the spirit, to attack intently. MP natural recovery +? (Lv200) Clear (1 ~ 8HIT), At a high concentration, technology Inuku the enemy exactly. To recover from the frozen state in the case of frozen state already. I increase the attack speed and hit rate of interest. This spot is a favorite for High Wizards, which can easily kill 3 Neknotts at a time with their skill EQ. Special archery you use the rain area. Occupation. (Lv180) clear SLv2 MP? [marksmanship snipers] Quest (Lv300) clear upon activation, arrows ※ sniper is MP120 power consumption reduction while no â€» necessary skills delay -1.5 second. Send an arrow to freeze the subject in a moment. Natural healing power is increased. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. SLv1 MP50 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Sniper. 26: 878: Iruna Christmas Giveaway 2017 (CLOSED) … Classes are the different roles your character can take up. 50 App Hunter 70 Hunter. Continuing effect of the skill effect continued classification see . (Lv260) Clear (3-minute time effect) slv2 MP? (Lv300) burn medical books II (4 minutes time effect) use, Proof Unusual snipers. Proudly created with, - Skill name - Skill Description original Skill MP consumption level learning method (skill description) ※ annotation --- (If the annotation is longer), Notation skills textual description compliant within Wiki, Continuing effect of the skill effect continued classification see. (Lv240) clear â€» physical fixed +? - App. 120 App Beast Knight 140 Beast Knight. seconds or DEX256? Bow skills to attack the time difference by launching an arrow. They can later become Snipers, Assassins, or Ninjas. The paralysis in the other party in the probability to attack, to cause a small amount of additional damage. (5 minutes time effect) learning SLv1 MP128 sniper career change when, I want to disable the dark state for a certain time. Raises natural HP&MP recovery. (Lv220) (6-minute time effect DEX + 25 Critical Damage + 25%) clear . HIT +? To recover from the dark state in the case of the dark state already. (5 minutes time effect DEX + 20 Critical Damage + 20%) learn SLv3 MP128 sniper career change when SLv4 MP160 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] It reduces the MP consumption of the entire party, skill delay is increased slightly. ... this is the standard sniper build that focuses on spamming arrow rain ability to maximize damage output, this is also a fairly hard class to level. Sniper. your main weapon is bows using a thimble special equip. Iruna Online Skills. Sniper. Warrior Description Warriors are strong fighters. (5 minutes time effect ATK + 25 HIT + 30% ASPD + 10% when equipped with bow only) learn SLv1 MP56 snipers apprentice job change during SLv2 MP88 II secret of intuition (LV200) ATK + 40 + 40 HIT only (when equipped with bow use % 6-minute time effect ASPD + 10%) SLv3 MP120 secret III of intuition (Lv260) 7 minutes time effect ATK + 55 HIT + 50% ASPD + 10% only (when equipped with bow use), The coating on the weapon paralytic agent, to a paralysis attack. Quedan dudas si mejor agi que vit o … I increase the distance range and attack power of bow. Sniper is a long-range, bow-wielding class. Leveling Guide. (Lv240) clear ※ upon activation, damage on the rear back stub stun the enemy along with 2-3 times more boss monster 100%, ※ Stan probability 5% usually about monsters. In the frozen state to the target, to reduce the defense and movement speed. Job bonus is improved. Sense Lv.1 Improves accuracy and attack speed on the target. Mengenai Saya. Passive skills skills effect is triggered from the point of learning to set a shortcut, without using. Iruna Build Requirement Must be level 140 Must be an Apprentice Sniper Location: Capital City Elban - King Elbano Food effect used here is from "Candy Floss", because I really need to practice more … Iruna Online. There is only effective when equipped with bow. Learn SLv1 snipers apprenticeship career change when (ATK +? Bow Mastery (Passif) Un livre qui augmente votre attaque et votre portée q (Lv160) (10 seconds time effect) clear, Tricks Inuku an object with a single blow, which strained the aim. Activated during can not move. Skill Quest Bishop 2018 ... Selamat Datang di Iruna Build Disini saya akan men... Random Posts. Iruna Online By Online-Station. They also have skills that amplify their bow mastery, as well as piercing arrow skills. SLv1 MP64 frostbite medical books I (Lv240) (3 minute time effect) use slv2 MP? (Lv280) frostbite medical books II (4 minutes time effect) use, I want to disable certain time firing state. SLv1 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] These roles further enhance their abilities, as well as to give them new ones. KÅ«kan /Ryzuri 8,791 views. Testing the new sniper skills that arrived today (2018/11/14). Some classes can solo more easily, and others are more reliant on their party. Apprenticeship Requirement: Level 50 Warrior; Defense 3, Battle Mastery 3; talk to Kady in Diel Village, north building Hunter Requirement: Level 70 Apprentice Hunter; talk to Nepherta in the Guild, 2 maps north of Capital city Sofya and then turn right inside the Consulate Description: A long-ranged attack class with many tricks to boost attack and status ailments. Skill Quest Sniper . Sniper Description Archers are a powerful range attacker that have strong area damage. They specialize in using Bows, so they should have high DEX and STR. Many hunters use Claws or Bows. Each class has its pluses and minuses, therefore there is no 'perfect' class. ), In sharp powers of observation, I see through the weakness of the opponent. The Iruna Veteran Challenge by KeeganKY Dec 23, 2017 21:23:58 GMT: Completed Competitions/Special Offers. Hunters specialize in having high AGI and/or DEX depending on their builds. Some skills are called Survival (passive) to obtain the knowledge and skills in order to survive. Survival Lv.2 (Passive) Gain surviving skills. Crystas. I increase the critical damage and DEX. To attack, ignoring completely the defense of the target. Neknotts also have nice-paying drops, and NPCing the items you get in a full bag can yield usually around 300-400k spina. To get skills, you will need to talk to Varuna in Fort Bailune at level 10. Types of skills. Blacksmith. SLv1 MP64 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] They specialize in precise and powerful ranged attacks. However item also delay necessary. Everyone starts at the default 'Adventurer' class. Passive skills skills effect is triggered from the point of learning to set a shortcut, without using. Power and attack speed is increased greatly.However, when attacked ... SLV1 MP100 [new force of archers] Quest (Lv320) clear, Status that affect the single-shot damage of sniper skills, Arrow Rain (effect on the total number of HIT) ATK, attributes, hit rate, Rain area ATK, through physical, attributes, critical damage, critical rate, Cross Fire (damage without increasing fixed damage occurs, in abnormal state overlap) ATK, through physical, attributes, enemy abnormal state. Eventually that Mini Heal or Protection will level up to a level 2. One-hitting Neknotts with Earthquake as a High Wizard requires about 2600 MATK. 12:26. Power of the rain area of activated during increases along with the attack target. Old song transmitted to Surubinia. Skill Level 1, MP112, (3 minute time effect) (Quest from Sitara in Kleya, Level 100 required, Collect: 50 Hardstone, 10 Zircon, and 3 Giant Gems) Gladiator. ... Sniper Requirement: Level 140 Apprentice Sniper; Skill . To recover from firing state in the case of firing state already. Sniper. Skill. - App. You will have to go back to the shortcuts page, and manually replace the Mini Heal 1 with Mini Heal 2, or whatever your skill is. Learn SLv2 snipers apprenticeship career change when (HP natural recovery + 15, MP natural recovery +15) learn SLv3 Sniper career change when (HP natural recovery + 20, MP natural recovery +20) SLv4 savvy IV of survival (Lv260) use (HP natural recovery +? There is no better way to describe the Sniper. ), Sharpen the senses, to read the movements of the enemy. Song of nostalgia. They either have high VIT for defense or high AGI for evasion. SLv1 MP100 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Iruna Online KÅ«kan Sniper skills 320-340 - Duration: 12:26. Iruna Online - New Skills Magic Ninja lv 340! (5 minutes time effect DEX + 20 Critical Damage + 20%) learn SLv3 MP128 sniper career change when SLv4 MP160 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Old song transmitted to Ganaji. When friendship strengthens, so does their power. Iruna Online Wiki: Sniper. ), Tricks start shooting arrows multiple. Mage Wizard. This build, primarily, is a skill spammer build, using the main damage skill, Arrow Rain. Learn SLv3 MP80 snipers apprenticeship career change when (1 ~ 6HIT) learn SLv4 MP96 Sniper career change when (1 ~ 7HIT) SLv5 MP 112 Quest [skill acquisition trial!] Hola amigos de YouTube y Amino.En este primer video muestro mi SNIPER con stats 0 y con todos los skills. - App. If they are pure attack builds, they will have a harder … Snipers are capable … Translate. Monsters. They gained a new skill called Falcon Assaultwith the help of his lifelong friend, the falcon. Consumption one "arrow of sniper". I want to disable the frozen state for a certain time. skill acquisition trial (Lv180) clear â€» necessary skills delay -?

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