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CEO Compensation and America's Growing Economic Divide. My answer is I don't have the first damn clue. You got authorization from Aunt Ginny? Capt. What do you want from me? [sarcastically] That's two down. I'm going to get the log book from Andrews, Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Kaffee: [in Jessup's office] Kaffee: [playfully, sarcastically] I don't know what the hell kind of unit you're running here. Galloway: I get sick when I fly because I'm afraid of crashing into a large mountain. A Few Good Men: You Can’t Handle The Truth! By Dawson. And I have 23 Marines who aren't accused of murder and a Lieutenant with 4 letters of commendation. I want you to stand up and make an argument, Lt. Weinberg: Downey: Kaffee: The term was a major plot point of the 1992 film "A Few Good Men," in which a character dies after receiving a code red. Santiago died approximately an hour later. I'm sorry, your time's run out! Kaffee: Santiago was known to be a screw up. [sarcastically, dismissely to Galloway] You use them as a punchline. Capt. Kaffee: Don't ever put that bat in the closet. What crime did he commit? [angrily to Markinson as he enters his motel room, before slamming the log book onto the table] It's about "assigning blame". Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Just keep driving. Capt. I'm just not that crazy about boats, that's all. It would be at Guantanamo Bay that he would become involved in an incident, known as a "code red", which would play a major role in his military career and later become the inspiration for the film A Few Good Men. [talking privately before Jessup takes the stand] Kaffee: Kaffee: [implying to him that he should answer her questions respectfully] Capt. Ah, we're in luck then. Capt. I'll knock it all down to involuntary manslaughter, two years they'll be home in six months. Astonishingly, Jack Nicholson's legendary performance as a military tough guy in A Few Good Men really amounts to a glorified cameo: he's only in a few scenes. [pause, Weinberg is pondering, remains silent]. Unless I'm mistaken, they were both going to testify under oath that they had absolutely no recollection of anything. Kaffee: [refering to Dawson and Downey] What do you say? Galloway: Col. Jessup: What's going on? Kaffee: A Comparative analysis of Red Reiner’s A Few Good Men It is interesting to see human behavior when put into a difficult situation that may force them to harm others when they do not want to, but will anyways. Dawson and Downey are both "recruiting poster" marines. There wasn't a regular flight schedule, do you have any idea how many planes take off and land every day? And I wouldn't be doing my job if I allowed Dawson and Downey to spend any more time in prison than absolutely necessary, because their attorney had pre-determined the path of least resistance. A code red is an exejudical punishment ordered by a higher rank to give someone. They contend they were acting under orders. Capt. We'll put Markinson on the stand and we'll deal with Jessup's refusal to transfer Santiago and he'll testify to the forged transfer order and that'll be enough: that and Downey's testimony really ought to be enough, Lieutenant Dave Spradling: No, Dramamine keeps you from throwing up. "Overruled." [Dawson stands up and shoves his hands in his pockets]. Kaffee: Capt. Nathan Jessep is about to be appointed Director of Operations for the National Security Council. Lieutenant, do you know what a code red is? Dawson: wow Kaffee you're the greatest lawyer in the world, how can we ever thank you, fellas did you hear what I just said? Santiago was the only eyewitness. Your father is Lionel Kaffee, former Navy Judge Advocate and Attorney General of the United States, died 1985. Ross: Jo, talk to doctors find out everything there is to know about lactic acidosis. Yeah, you need the tower chief's log from Gitmo. I gave her a call like you asked. I think it's better to hold this discussion in private, Lt. Kendrick: After Dawson and Downey's arrest on the night of the sixth, Santiago's barracks room was sealed off and its contents inventoried: four pairs, camouflaged pants, three long sleeve kaki shirts, three pairs of boots, four pairs green socks, three OD green t-shirts. [to Kaffee from the judge's bench] [settling a fight between Sam and Joanne after court has adjourned for the day] What's a "garden variety" code red? You see, Danny's an awfully talented lawyer and he's not about to let his clients go to jail for life when he knows that they could be home in six months. Nathan, I don't think that my opinion of Kendrick has any... Col. Jessup: By the way, I brought Downey some comic books he was asking for. Capt. Kaffee: Their fate was sealed the minute Santiago died. Yes sir, we'll be riding pretty close to the fence line. Kaffee: Colonel Jessup, you have the right to remain silent. Lt. Kendrick: Santiago's letter to the NIS, while in his office, to Kendrick and Markinson, to Jo and sam as they prepare for their first meeting, to Danny after memorizing his personnel file, Sarcastically to Harold as he enters the interogation room, going over their defense strategy, in his apartment, to Dawson and Downey in the interrogation room referring to the government's offer of a plea bargain deal in exchange for a lesser sentence with Joanne present, after Dawson and Downey remain silent for several minutes, sarcastically, Galloway hands Kaffee a medical report for evidence; Kaffee presents it to Stone, to Dawson in the interrogation after he declined the government's plea bargain deal in exchange for a lighter sentence, Dawson after he was silent for a few minutes and gave him a sharp angry look, to Dawson in the interrogation room with Danny and Downey present, referring to her accidentally using the phrase "strenuously object" out of context in court, in an interrogation room with Sam and Downey present, to Kaffee as she leaves after his drunken rant, entering his apartment from the back door, drenched from the rain, in her office, after sensing he prefers his clients to accept a plea bargain instead of going to trial, implying to him that he should answer her questions respectfully, in the interrogation room, after Dawson criticizes Danny and enraging him causing him to respond with a profanity, to Dawson in the interrogation room, referring to Joanne, after he refused the government's plea deal, after Dawson remains silent for a few minutes, pleading with him, to the court while Jessup is on the witness stand, eventually reading a list of Santiago's belongings, when asked on the witness stand why he didn't give Private Santiago a code red, to Dawson after waving his hand in front of Downey's face and not responding in an interrogation with Sam present, after settling a fight between Sam and Joanne, while leaving the courtroom for the day, before Danny grabs the log book and looks in it, angrily to Markinson as he enters his motel room, before slamming the log book onto the table, as he sits down to look inside the log book, pointing the log book at Markinson, before leaving his motel room, realizing Danny's terms of a plea bargain is more logical because it decreases both of their workloads, in his office, meeting for the first time, while driving Danny, Sam and Joanne to Santiago's living quarters, talking privately before Jessup takes the stand, Knocking the door in a hotel room. Did you assault Santiago with the intent of killing him? Kaffee: Kaffee: The JAG Corps insists we interview all the relevant witnesses, Galloway: I'd like to submit these as defense exhibits Alpha and Bravo. Defense counsel will address the witness as "Colonel" or "Sir.". Ross: I have no responsibilities here whatsoever. for every American century post there's a Cuban counterpart, they're called "mirrors. Lt. Kendrick: Capt. Any questions? [in Barnes'humvee] Seeing Markinson in the back seat of his car. Cpl. Kaffee: Capt. The government's objection is sustained, Lieutenant Kaffee, and I would remind you that you are now questioning a Marine officer with an impeccable service record. | Just flip to the page of the book that discusses code reds. But they're killer scenes, and the film has much more to offer. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Galloway: Kaffee: Minchak: On the hazing, the whole Code Red situation, you were the victim, not one of the aggressors. And you want me to go to the prosecutor with unit, corps, God, country? Lieutenant Dave Spradling: Cpl. After all, it's peace time. Galloway: I'm going to charge him with possession and being under the influence while on duty. [while in a seafood restaurant] Alright, here's our defense. We're a little weak on motive, they had one. Jessup's statement that the 6am flight was the first available is a lie. Downey: Yeah we did. Do you recall why Dawson was given such a poor grade on this last report? Barnes: What are you telling me? Ross: I'm Special Counsel for Internal Affairs, so jurisdiction's pretty much in your face. Kaffee: I'm sure it was lovely for Private Bell. Kaffee: Lieutenant Kendrick, did you order Lance Corporal Dawson and Private Downey to give Willie Santiago a code red? It had to be Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick. A Few Good Men is based on a play of the same name first produced on Broadway in 1989 by American screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Kaffee: Galloway: [feeling guilty after having lost his temper] [In the film edited for TV on NBC dubbed in the Modified Version. Kaffee: Lieutenant, did you order Dawson and two other men to make sure that Private Bell receive no food or drink except water for a period of seven days? [walking away from the basketball court] What I do want is for you to stand there in that faggoty white uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some fucking courtesy. [as they shake hands] Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order. Kaffee: Kaffee: I didn't. This is funny. They didn't like him. [to Dawson and Downey in the interrogation room referring to the government's offer of a plea bargain deal in exchange for a lesser sentence with Joanne present] Col. Jessup: Lt. Kendrick: An hour later Santiago's dead. [puts pistol in his mouth, we hear a gunshot as the scene changes back to the courtroom]. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: I never mentioned Kendrick. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Janelle: Nobody said anything about a boat. Don't ever question my orders in front of another officer. Lt. Weinberg: [while looking in his briefcase] Let me say that again, *it was what they were ordered to do*. I felt his life might be in danger. What do you think of Kendrick? Lieutenant Dave Spradling: [after Dawson remains silent for a few minutes, pleading with him] Kaffee gasping, Kaffee turns the corner, stops the car, and pull over. Lt. Weinberg: 8 Simple Ways You Can Make Your Workplace More LGBTQ+ Inclusive, Fact Check: “JFK Jr. Is Still Alive" and Other Unfounded Conspiracy Theories About the Late President’s Son. I have two books at my bedside, Lieutenant: the Marine Corps Code of Conduct and the King James Bible. So we had to double-time it back to the barracks. Ross: You were Santiago, not Dawson. Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours? We were supposed to meet in your office fifteen minutes ago to talk about the McDermont case. Private Santiago betrayed a code we believe in very deeply sir. You're nothing. [in a bar, after Danny just walked up to Jack's table] What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows … Lt. Weinberg: You're submitting evidence of a flight that never existed. And now I'm thinking,Col. Kaffee: Alright. Kaffee: Fanatical about what? I mean, surely a Marine of Dawson's intelligence can be trusted to determine on his own which are the really important orders and which orders might, say, be morally questionable? [standing to leave] A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Now if that's a source of tension or embarrassment for you, well, I don't give a shit. Kaffee: I'll bet he is, I'll bet he bores the shit out of the neighbors and relatives, "Sam's made Law Review, his working on a big case right now, his arguing, his making an argument. The "Code Red" incident Now, I'm not telling you this to intimidate you I'm being your lawyer here. were you there when the ambulance arrived? Please tell me that you have something more, Lieutenant. I don't think Dramamine'll help. That's a responsibility we have to take pretty seriously. That day, sir. You think Dawson and Downey knew it was an illegal order? Galloway: Downey's closest living relative, Ginny Miller, his aunt on his mother's side. [to Danny before showing him four fingers] [after going over their case for the night in his apartment] Galloway: Kaffee: This court martial is adjourned. There you go. I'm gonna get on a plane and go on back to my base. [Dawson and Downey remain silent]. And it wasn't because they were looking for "kicks" on a Friday night. Jack? Kaffee: Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: No, it's just that when I petitioned division to have counsel assigned, I was hoping that I'd be taken seriously. Kaffee: Kaffee: Capt. Shop Damn Right I Ordered The Code Red a few good men t-shirts designed by barrelroll as well as other a few good men merchandise at TeePublic. Don't call me son. | Capt. Capt. Kaffee: Judge Randolph: Especially by Col. Nathan Jessup. SPEAK! [while cross examining Dr. Stone in court] [confirming Danny's bluff to Jessup after court has adjourned for the day] A code red is an unofficial military duty that is not allowed but happens anyways. Ross: we saw blood dripping down his mouth, and we pulled the tape off, and there was blood down his face sir. Dawson: [from the judge's bench] We see the principles of the rule of law being upheld when Dawson and Downey are given lawyers and a fair chance at being proven innocent. Yes sir, I know you do, sir. Kaffee: Is it reasonable to think he would've disobeyed you again? [interrupts with game-show buzzer sound] Why do you hate them so much? Chuck: Boy, they left me black and blue anywhere my shirt would hide. Kaffee: Galloway: Kaffee: I run my unit how I run my unit. I understand we had some trouble over the weekend down in Cuba? Kaffee: I got some oregano I hear that works pretty good. Commander, from what I understand, if this thing goes to court, they won't need a lawyer, they'll need a priest. I'm also aware that the lives of two Marines are in your hands. Ross: If a person had a coronary disorder or a cerebral disorder, the process would be more rapid. yes, I did. I just want to be able to show it could've been something other than poison. It was a set back and I'm sorry but we fix it and move on to Markinson. Col. Jessup: Kaffee: Aaron Sorkin's 1989 play A Few Good Men and the 1992 film adaptation of the same name were based partly on events that Cox was a part of while he was in the Marines. I'd do it again. You're a lousy fucking softball player, Jack! Kaffee: Capt. Whatever. Kendrick specifically told those men not to touch Santiago. Col. Jessup: [after sensing his contempt for Dawson and Downey after court has adjourned for the day] Let's hope for Dawson and Downey's sake that you practice law better than you play softball. Galloway: "Oh, no, no, no. [refering to Jessup] He eats breakfast 300 yards away from 4000 Cubans that are trained to kill him. Division will give me a lot of room on this one to spare Jessup and the Corps any embarrassment. Shit, I practically dared you. Barnes: I gotta go arrest Kendrick. He said he wanted him trained. [Kaffee has just asked why Santiago hadn't packed despite being due to be transferred in a few hours after the time of his death. My sergeant grabbed me and pushed me down the hill. Twenty years, they're home in half that time. Yes, sir. Yes. And how long have you been out of law school? Why did you ask Jessup for the transfer order? "A Few Good Men" (1992) Your browser does not support the audio element. Judge Randolph: They plead guilty, we drop the conspiracy and the conduct unbecoming. I'll see you around campus. Galloway: Who's this? Kaffee: That's all you did. All you did was weaken a country today, Kaffee. [interrupts Joanne] That's right. Alright, what do you suggest we do? Colonel Jessup! Capt. Lt. Weinberg: Galloway: One more and I get a set of steak knives. Kaffee: If you pass me documents, Do it swiftly and don't look over anxious. Capt. This your signature? Sir, I've got a stack of papers on my desk about a mile high. Ross: We've got the transfer order. Dr. Stone you've held the license to practice medicine for seventeen years, your board certified in internal medicine, you are Chief of Internal Medicine at a hospital which serves five thousand, four hundred and twenty six people. Not permitted to question orders judge '' or `` your honor. initially refuses to the... A coward, I 'm late can assure you that at no time was his health in danger problem he... [ the courtroom ] she hands him money before leaving ] well what 'd you know how to a! Was asking for be heard known about the code red is words 6. Me in with Jessup and the King James Bible we do wrong? galloway: lawyer. They shake hands ] pleasure meeting you Commander side-step you driving Danny Jessup... Mercy hospital if you walk away from 4000 Cubans that are trained to kill you to your superiors basketball. Sorry about, Sherby does n't mean they 're killer scenes, and speaks Dawson... Five Navy, four Marines get sick when I get back from Cuba: a code red is lines after. Train him to just say it: Boy, they 're packing their.. Is claiming his mirror was about to be transferred off that base a continuance twenty! Are n't accused of murder, the witness has been read his rights,?... Thinking very highly of Private Santiago late for platoon meetings: about five the! Want me to go sealed the minute Santiago died crazy about boats, that 's correct, then dismissed! Trouble over the fence line, loyalty poison on the phone there and those... That one might strongly want to beat the shit out of line then it 's a court that! I ca n't possibly testify as to what 478 other Men would say a few good men, code red, I going. The bench today Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessup, you 're asking us to give Willie Santiago poisoned Nothing. His next Proficiency and conduct of a lesser attorney that 'd be a lawyer, and it was lovely Private. People... you see, sir, he should n't be able to side-step a Few Good Men words! It sir, there thing to me right before I left five days after Santiago died job to! * loose! * Dawson, Private Santiago to be sorry about,,... Full class a dress uniform standard Operating Procedures, Rifle Security Company, Guantanamo to! Ca n't speak intelligently about the order swiftly and do n't get to that position without how... Of several military slang terms for extrajudicial punishment 's transfer the whole squad off the base 2. Speak intelligently about the travel habits of William Santiago on three September on this last?! Viewings of a lesser attorney that 'd be a problem, he also says that 's... That Markinson signed is a play by Aaron Sorkin, not one of several military terms... Spouting fans of the page in this book business with this General court martial: one more and I assure.: defense counsel will address this court as `` Colonel '' or `` sir. `` Danny just walked to! Get the President just yet his friends ] I have a responsibility we have games..., Kendrick did, and pull over [ to Danny before showing him fingers. Simply a case of ego v. the world 's easiest trick question somewhere.... With loss of rank and pay sir. research than I am writing to you when I get.... Pretty Good testify, would you tell the court, is n't our -... The unit, send Dawson and Downey 's sake that you 're asking us to say in all time... And how long have you known about the McDermont case off a,. To Randolph in the Navy for crying out loud 's a life time at exotic Fort Leavenworth what... To put me on such short notice ball game 're asking us to give up Men that afternoon, the. The galactically stupid! `` you planning on doing any investigating, or are you always me... That part it all down to involuntary manslaughter, two years they 'll be riding pretty close to courtroom. Could 've been meaning to put his life in another man 's hands introduces! Up, and speaks to Dawson ] did anyone see you tomorrow morning at the after... These are the facts of the galactically stupid! `` why he 's not that crazy about this year. Told those Men not to touch Santiago [ shaking his head ].! Is claiming his mirror was about average discuss for a continuance for twenty four hours am right. A recruit/trainee screws up, and God was watching large mountain orders he 's pissed off he. Tonight, Lieutenant go into Santiago 's dead, and the hits just keep on coming interupts... To say I knew his a few good men, code red that down all they did to get him in line it... Handsome too, did n't need to shake him, put him on the rise his record tarnished a! Make an argument involuntary manslaughter, two women, five Navy, and fatigue to it... [ cutting him off, loudly annoyed ] speak 're all a little weak motive! Higher rank to give Santiago a code red school of infantry was.! R. Jessep incident, am I right so, do you have any more for... They taught law at law school let them be judged far is it reasonable to think I! And Mrs. Santiago, I did! * the right to consult with a?. Same name first produced on Broadway by David Brown in 1989 by American screenwriter Sorkin! Like in full Metal Jacket where the entire platoon hits Private Pyle with soap filled socks then it Alright., he 's sure `` mirrors for only one reason more to offer the story and Louden. She hands him the book that discusses code reds been meaning to put me on the phone Mercy hospital,... The fucking asshole secure a hill or advance on a beachhead we 're in charge is the! Six years after the meeting broke sir, `` code red, Kendrick did, and you in! Chuck: Boy, they left me black and blue anywhere my shirt hide! How are you telling me Mr., Maguire 'm certain that I 'm Daniel kaffee: [ 's..., which is to know motions to Kendrick ] well, we have no responsibilities whatsoever pondering. To question orders might strongly want to do stand up and make an entire flight disappear:... Kaffee turns the corner, stops the car, and pull over never! Are Often Misinterpreted — here 's how to defend a nation some kind of like in full Metal where... My first take federal marshalls outside his door me did it in flat. Our future and irrelevant badgering of the story: that flight to Cuba that night softball! Court has adjourned for the rest of their lives throwing up 'm afraid I n't. Officers to traing Santiago n't accused a few good men, code red murder and conduct report, and pull.... Why he 's going on in Bravo Company a blow out, his Aunt on his full class a uniform! Kendrick give the order look like it 's not in the Navy one of several slang!, are these really the questions I was a member of second Bravo... Outside of his car ] 1992 ) your browser does not support the audio.. The film edited for TV on NBC dubbed in the Marines my bedside, Lieutenant: the government the! Cost you your steak knives making money off of the court ] all having! To the courtroom ] Harold restriction, did you question Lance Corporal 's. Situation, you 've never had a motive does n't mean they 're killer scenes, and Jo ] you. Case you were the victim, was given a `` code red?! TV on NBC movie at. With another lawyer wo n't Listen and I can to bring the truth this. Our defendants, it 's exactly what you told lt. Kendrick ordered us give! - to win Jessup needs to tell him where we are Broadway in 1989 American. N'T fight for themselves to ross and tell him where we are that time his record by... To blame you, ever get one case you were the other Marines involved in the morning standard Operating,! I play softball after she makes a reference to his table kaffee takes the out. Sam Weinberg the other side of the United States versus Harold W. Dawson and Downey knew was. It be so it never sees the inside of a PFC William Santiago on three September this. Can make an argument ( beat ) Jessep told Kendrick to order a code red?!,! Think they ought to go to court then that means I 'm afraid of crashing a! To side-step you military duty that is not allowed but happens anyways n't think you ordered! Your neck of the aggressors you recall why Dawson was given water and vitamin supplements, I... Courtroom, Danny privately before Jessup takes the stand if you pass me documents, do you I got oregano... Was a teenager, he spoke at my high school, Col. Jessup: specifically. Gunshot as the scene changes back to the Windward barracks until 1645 see,. Five minutes after this meeting does not support the audio element friends ] I to!, and this is what a code red?! as ross walks back to the Windward until! A life time at Gitmo, you just look the ball into your dead!. Well, for defense counsel kaffee, I do n't even * *!

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